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Cambridge Montessori Preschool was established in 2000. Our aim is to provide quality early childhood education, following the Montessori philosophy and programme, in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We believe in children and their importance to society and value the uniqueness of each child, partnership with parents, relationships, community, humour, fun and professionalism.

We have three classrooms in two locations in Cambridge which are open in school holidays as well as in term time:

18 Raleigh Street: Purpose built preschool for 2 - 6 year olds.

22a Taylor Street: Both a 2 - 3 year old class and a 3 - 6 year old class within the Cambridge Health and Community Centre.

We offer small classes and an excellent teacher : child ratio (2 - 3 class, 1 teacher to five children and 3 - 6 class, 1 teacher to 10 children). Our mature, experienced and highly qualified teachers are passionate about Montessori education and dedicated to ensuring that each child reaches his or her full potential.

Cambridge Montessori Preschool forms the hub of a vibrant, supportive Montessori community. Social events include school trips and childrens concerts every term, parent evenings, family days, and pet days.  Formal parent / teacher meetings are offered twice per year, and the children's portfolios are sent home every term.

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About Montessori Education

Montessori education is often described as an 'education for life'. Developed by Maria Montessori (1870 - 1952), it gives children a strong sense of belonging to a community and fosters an attitude of respect for self and others and develops trust in others.

Montessori education is individualised, in that a child has freedom to select activities according to his or her own interests. This allows them to develop spontaneously at their own pace in a peaceful, non-competitive atmosphere. Montessori environment, materials and equipment are carefully designed, selected and presented to promote independent learning and a sense of order.

A 2006 study published in the journal Science ("The Early Years: Evaluating Montessori Education," by Lillard and Else Quest) found that Montessori students performed better than those who attended traditional schools - not only in traditional academic areas such as language and maths, but also in social skills. They engaged more in positive interaction in the playground and showed more concern for fairness and justice.

The Wall Street Journal recently published an interesting article on the benefits of Montessori education. To view the article, just click on the link below:
Benefits of Montessori Education


Some well-known former Montessori students include:

Jimmy Wales: Founder of Wikipedia

Larry Page and Sergey Brin: Founders of Google

Jeff Bezos: Founder and CEO of Amazon.com

Will Wright: Creator of "The Sims" video game

Mark Zuckerburg: Co-founder of Facebook

The Montessori Curriculum and Environment

Included in the Montessori curriculum are Practical Life, Sciences, Sensorial, Geography, Language, Music and Movement, Maths, Art and Craft and Outdoor activities (including gardening, carpentry, sand and water exploration, care of animals, gross motor skills).

The Montessori environment fosters concentration, self-discipline, motivation to learn, self-confidence, independence, love of learning, creativity, respect for self and others, sense of order, ability to work alone, ability to make choices, sense of joy and wonder, ability and willingness to co-operate with other children and with adults.




"I love it how each teacher knows (gets to know) & takes such a big interest in each child in every possible way (work, health, behaviour etc.)"

"Very respectful and very in tune with child's needs".

"I think it's prepared my son for the school classroom really well, especially with early reading and maths. It's also engaged my daughter into a way where she can sit and concentrate without too much disruption".

"I love the variety offered for learning".

"My daughter is blossoming with your curriculum. She takes responsibility and gains confidence".

"The teachers demonstrate wonderful care and understanding of the children and go to great lengths to meet their individual needs. Well done!"

"The staff are always so warm and welcoming and great to discuss any concerns".


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